2015 – what a year!

I will remember 2015 as a demanding year. Professionally, emotionally and physically, it was a continuous struggle. I don’t think I had one whole day without something serious to worry about. And I don’t think I’ve ever worked that hard before. I feel like I should say: But hey, it was a lot of fun! But it wasn’t. I reached my professional goals, but it was not fun. It was exhausting, nerve-racking and expensive. But I got things done.

Here are some of the goals I reached in 2015:

– I dissolved an agreement with a movie producer out of financial reasons, giving me the opportunity to bring the visualization of my novels abroad.

– I finished one movie script and one tv pilot episode script, both in English.

– I aided in the process of having the translation of my novel «Jotnens hjemkomst» – «The Jotun’s Return» – finished and ready to be presented to foreign agents and publishers.

– I officially challenged the entire Norwegian publishing industry and established my own publishing company.

– I finally managed to heal my torn sacroiliac joint and I was able to squat and deadlift heavy again, setting an all time gym PR in the raw squat.

– I published my 16th novel «Isak» in Norwegian.

– I established both an English and a Norwegian blog. The English one sparked a heated debate over the issue of racism and quickly reached almost 30.000 views.

– I established valuable professional relationships in North America.

2015 – what a year! At times I was working 15 hour days and I was almost too stressed out to sleep. But I don’t regret a second of those 12 months!

Would I do it again? Yes. If I had to. And I would not hesitate. Not for a second.