A message to the terrorists

– Listen up, you jihadi terrorist scumbags. I know you plan to attack Norway. But you need to know this about us Norwegians: We’re educated and tolerant. But we also have Viking blood in our veins. So if you come to our country to take away our freedom, we will fight you. And we will kill you. And you need to understand that this will not be the first time we’re fighting for our freedom. We fought the Nazis and we fought every imperialist force who tried to take away our freedom. My Viking ancestors even fought and killed their own kings when those kings tried to limit their freedom. If we will kill our own kings for freedom, what do you think we will do to you? Use your imagination, if you have any.

Sincerely, Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

I should say that I’m going to regret this blogpost and my little message above. But actually, I don’t think I will. I have nothing but contempt for jihadists. I don’t feel sorry for them and I do not have any need to «understand» them. As human beings, they are easy to understand anyway, they’re psychologically quite boring cases, and there is nothing mysterious about them, so I won’t waste time on that. Instead, I will try to explain what’s going on in Norway now. You see, we are becoming angry. Very, very angry. And this process has been going on for some time.

I myself have felt it since the early 90’s, when things started to get ugly. I felt that anger when I witnessed my neighborhood change, when the criminal immigrant gangs established themselves and started their hellish narcotics business. I felt that anger when friends got beat up just for looking at a girl some gang member fancied. I felt that anger when a kid got chased out in a river and drowned just for being «negro», as they called him. I felt that anger when the street I walked for three years on my way to school was blown up by a car bomb made by a white supremacist idiot. I felt that rage when those towers in New York, a city that I love, fell to the ground. I’ve felt that rage so many times. And yesterday, Brussels was attacked and we Norwegians felt that rage again.

And here’s the thing that most people don’t get about people in Scandinavia: Our rage looks different. We are calm-aggressive people. We’re that guy who lets everybody pick on him, until he suddenly goes berserk.

And we’ve had it now. We’ve had it with the threats. We’ve had it with those smug politicians who are telling us we need to understand. I’ve had it with racist, violent people coming here and hating us just because we’re white and Norwegian. In fact, I’ve had it with the sickening racism that’s growing on both sides of the conflict, and the stupidity that seems to dominate any public debate about these issues. Europe is under attack and we need to be honest about it. These are not some kids from broken families trying to hurt society. These are jihadi terrorists attacking Europe. This is war.

So wake up. Things need to change NOW. First of all, our politicians need to close the mosques housing hate-speaching clerics. Put those individuals coming back after fighting for IS in Syria in jail. Stop «building bridges» to «the muslims» by speaking to religious leaders and instead, start building those bridges by speaking to normal, sensible people who happen to have a muslim background. Stop making excuses for religious people. Stop talking to Saudi-Arabia and other terror-funding states. And do whatever necessary to wipe out IS and similar terror organizations. In fact, there is a lot that can, and should, be done, and political pride must be set aside now. Nations must work together to rid the world of these devils. And it must be done now. Before it’s too late.

-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

PS.: This blogpost has been pirated by other websites and has been taken out of its context. I have not approved any copying of this blogpost and I do not support any racist or other extreme political or religious views. No copying from this website (text an pictures) is allowed unless I have given such written permission.

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