TOP 3 BLOGPOSTS – who’s the winner?


I’ve been blogging about half a year now. I’ve published 50 blog posts and reached almost 200.000 views, and as my American friends say: It’s been one hell of a ride. I had never thought that so many people would be interested in those thoughts and reflections of mine. Some blogposts have been widely spread across the globe, with thousands of readers and hundreds of shares on social media. Lots of readers have reached out to me through this blog, and I’m honored to say that many of them are now my friends.


So which blog posts have been most widely read? I have taken a look at the statistics and it comes as no surprise that the blog post who reached the Norwegian newspaper headlines is also the blogpost that tops the chart. It will probably not stay at the top – it’s there because it was published at the very start and it has had some time to build up its numbers. But anyway, blog post number 1 is:

No place for racists in Valhalla – 40.923 views

This was the blog post that made me aware of the white supremacist movement in the USA. I knew they existed, of course, but I had previously only seen such strange people in the movies. Now they contacted me and told me, in very colorful language, that they didn’t like me. But they were a very small minority. I would say that more than 95% of the feedback has been of the extremely positive kind. And let me just say this to all you guys and girls who went into those heated debates on the internet and stood up for me and for the fact that racism is both stupid and ugly: Thank you! Thank you for the fact that you are warriors! Thank you for the fact that you are the true Vikings!


The second most popular blog post is this one:

Adopting a Viking Mentality – is it for you? – 29.463 views

It seems like lots of people were not aware of the fact that the Viking mentality can help each of us in the modern society we live in. Like post #1, it was widely read, shared in the hundreds and pirate copied across the globe.


The third most popular blog post was a somewhat personal one. It’s really about being free and making most out of the days we live on this earth:

Why I’m going Viking – and why you should too – 16.858 views

I think that one might have sparked some wanderlust among my readers, and I like to think that I inspired someone to get out of the door and start that voyage…

So there you have it. The three most popular blog posts. Thanks to all for reading them, sharing them and discussing them! And I promise you, more blog posts are coming!

-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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