Racism – Can we please move on now?

My most pirated blogposts are the ones about racism and religious intolerance. Yeah, can you see what I did just there? Got the attention from both left and right, didn’t I? Which was my intention, of course. Let me explain. People love to talk about racism – it’s such a stupidly simple concept. I have written two blogposts about racism and one about the Norwegian «Viking» attitude when faced with jihadism, and now I’m going to write a little bit about both these somewhat related subjects, and also about piracy. There’s a connection, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

The great thing about being a free thinker (which we should all be) is that you don’t care about boundaries. You think outside the box, or rather, you crush the whole stupid box under your heal. You develop a habit of looking at stuff in an objective way and you don’t ever care about what people think. This confuses lots of those same people. Let me give you an example. If I tell you that racism as an ideology is based on false assumptions, since the whole concept of race has no real foundation in modern science and that we’re all somewhat mixed, you might agree. I find that many people from the political left like me when I say this. But when I tell them that statistically, the most racist people can be found in India and among people from major Muslim countries, I am suddenly not very popular among the left wingers anymore, even though that too is a scientific fact. However, people on the right wing love me for saying that. Which just shows us that the human mind tends not to be very objective at all — people practice what is called cherrypicking, which means that they pick the parts of objective information that fit their subjective view.

So, if you’re still reading this, let’s move on to piracy. My most popular blogposts can now be found on several other websites with no link to my blog at all. It looks like I’ve been writing the piece for them. Which I have not. I have allowed some translations to be done and posted, and if people send me a request and ask nicely, I usually allow them to use my blogposts, but if you find my blogposts on a website promoting a certain political standpoint, you’re looking at stolen material. (I could have linked to some of them here, but I don’t want to give them attention.) I have people doing legal takedowns on those websites, so stealing is never a wise thing to do, but still they keep doing it.

Now, the point is that when it comes to blogposts, context is everything. For example, I believe my blogpost A message to the terrorists have been used by both liberal / left wing and right wing websites. Some people will read whetever he/she wants into a that blogpost. Which is okay, I guess, as long as the blogpost remains on my website.

But anyway, to prevent piracy from happening in the future, I will be doing things a bit differently from now on. I will try to write the first part, then link you to a Youtube video for the last part. So here goes:



-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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