Fools Who Love Marching


I have always found the concept of marching strange and quite unsettling. When I was in school, we had to march in the streets on the Norwegian National Day, and I couldn’t stand it. Shouting, singing and walking like the others around me felt wrong. As a grown man, I am obviously not forced to march anymore, but I still remember how I disliked it.

Some people love it, though. Here in Norway, the biggest fans of marching seem to be those usually referred to as «the violent left», Islamists and Nazis. They like to do things as a group and they seem to find safety in numbers. They walk together, shout and curse together and I’m sure they do other stuff together as well, but I really don’t what to imagine how far their collectivism stretches.

Before all the military guys get mad at me, just let me say that I’m not after you. I do see that there is a practical reason for marching if you’re in the armed forces. So let us keep you guys out of this — I’m writing about those who go out into the streets to shout their angry opinions at other people. I usually don’t mind, to be honest. To me, those people are just foolish and misguided and they need a reality check. But lately, I’ve seen something that troubles me deeply: The Nazis, or National Socialists to be correct, are growing in numbers. It is easy to understand why. European politicians and governments have allowed far too many immigrants into our countries and the conflicts have led to frustration and in some, hatred. And to some people, there is nothing sweeter than being with likeminded, equally hateful individuals.

I don’t see much difference between the violent left, the Muslim gangs and the Nazis. I could almost say that they are all the same to me. They are ignorant individuals who breathe, eat and shit hatred and you can’t reason with them. However, the Nazis bother me most. Why? Because they often use symbols from Norse mythology. I recently saw one of these pathetic hate groups use the rune usually associated with the Norse god of war, Ty or Tyr. He is the main character in three of my novels and therefore, I have taken legal steps and his name is now protected as a trademark. I dug deep into my pockets for that, but it’s worth it. It’s my contribution to the protection of our Norse cultural heritage.

By the way, I used to say that the Nazis would never grow in numbers here in Norway. But now I’m not so sure anymore. The problem with a society like Norway, where even people on the moderate right were ridiculed by the media for decades, is that people will always seek fellowship. If you throw people off the stage and out of the spotlight, they will not shut up. They will find other places to speak, shout, hate, march. I believe that mechanism recruits people to both the violent left, the Islamist groups and the Nazis.

If you ask me about the future of Europe, I’m afraid my answer will be rather pessimistic. I believe the attempt to abolish the national states have been unwise and I think we have only seen the beginning of a war that will be fought on the streets of almost every European city. The Nazis and the hardcore Nationalists will fight the Muslim gangs and the violent left. The voices of decent and sensible people will no longer be heard as the mobs roam the streets, shouting and burning cars and attacking anyone who might look like their enemy. We’re seeing the same in the USA these days, where a violent, obviously racist subculture among some Afro-Americans are growing in numbers and where destruction seems to be their only goal. Here in Europe, Sweden risks ending up as a «failed state» in a few years and Germany seems to have lost all control. Is the age of sense and reason over? Are we now entering a time where everything that was, must burn before we can finally rise from the ashes? I think we are. And I hope I’m wrong.

-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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