Why You Can and Why You Don’t Have To

For as long as I remember, I’ve been told 1, what I can not do and 2, what I have to do. It’s not only because I live in Norway, among one of the most obedient populations in the Western World, that daily life seems to be stained by these boundaries. It’s like this everywhere now, and I believe it’s one of many signs of a civilization approaching its collapse.


Så er dagen her. Min nye roman, Jomsviking, er ute i butikkene. Dette er en historisk roman fra vikingtiden. Boken er resultatet av to års intenst arbeid og et helt liv med den ene foten i vikingtiden og den andre foten i den moderne verden.
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BLOT – my way

During the recent few years, everything Viking has become more popular than ever. And while I think this is great, some of us are still struggling to get used to what best can be described as that feeling you would get if you’ve anchored in that secred, secluded bay you thought only you knew about, when suddenly a bunch of cabin cruisers full of loud people arrive. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that we are now seeing what I like to call a Second Viking Age …