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Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen is a multi-genre Norwegian author and screenwriter of 16 epic novels, including The Anubis Trilogy and the TYR series. While it’s true that Bull-Hansen is an author to the modern world, he prefers to be thought of within his customary role. Continuing a tradition forged centuries ago by his Viking ancestors, Bull-Hansen is a traditional Viking skald, sharing the history and mythology of Norse culture. Like skalds of old, through his historical knowledge, vividly written novels, and lifelong fascination with Norse mythology, Bull-Hansen conveys Viking culture – his culture – to the people of a new generation.

Bull-Hansen was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1972, and grew up in a suburb that was, at the time, quite rural. And here comes a big cliché: it was not a very happy childhood. He spent most of his youthful years excluded from social interaction with other kids his age. However, growing up in isolation makes one a good observer. Spending the majority of his time alone, Bull-Hansen began building fantasy worlds and learning about Norse mythology at a very early age. He knew he wanted to be an explorer, an actor, or a novelist.

Then came the game changer. Bull-Hansen started lifting weights when he was 13 years old, and after never being very good at sports, he discovered he could do things very few 13-year-olds could! It gave Bull-Hansen the confidence to lift his head and to start pursuing his dreams. Unfortunately, while nearing the completion of his economics studies, Bull-Hansen was in a car accident that fractured his neck. Bull-Hansen was back in the gym only 7 days after the accident. However, due to neurological trauma, parts of his neck, shoulders, and jaw were numb and Bull-Hansen lost his place on the Norwegian Junior Powerlifting team. He was 23.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Bull-Hansen turned to his other passion – writing. Already having been writing for 6 years, he submitted his first manuscript to a publisher, and his first book was published after only a few months.

20 years later, now a father and a multiple national champion powerlifter, Bull-Hansen has embraced his role as a traditional skald and has published 16 (soon to be 17) novels, with the TYR series now being translated into English. As a traditional skald, Bull-Hansen chooses to live his life with a steadfast conviction to his own virtues, all of which are grounded in Viking culture. Living on a fjord once ripe with vicious and deadly battles, with the history of his people at his feet, Bull-Hansen’s connection with his past is awoken each time he steps outside his home or is on the water in his sailing yacht.


Born in Oslo, Norway in 1972

Novelist and screenwriter

Bilingual writer – Norwegian and English fluency

Vast body of acclaimed work published in Norway, including trilogies and independent novels.

First novel published at age 24.

Yachtsman, modern day viking, historic archer … a low tech man in a high tech world.

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