I’m glad you’ve found my blog. I’m a novelist, youtuber and blogger living in Norway and if you haven’t visited my blog before, let me first of all say WELCOME! I hope you’ll find both interesting and inspiring content here. For Viking related blogposts, take a look at the Vikings section. If you’re an outdoors / bushcraft enthusiast, you’ll find some interesting stuff in the Bushcraft section. Or you might want to read some motivational blogposts.

If you’re interested in my novels, you can read more about them HERE (all my novels) and HERE (The Jomsviking Novels). You can buy them directly from online bookstores in the following languages:

Russian (to be announced)
Spanish (September 2021)
Hungarian (to be announced)

If you can’t find my novels in your language, feel free to reach out to a publisher and kindly suggest they contact my agent (contact details HERE). One of my Youtube subscribers has even started a petition to have my novels published in English. You can sign it HERE.

Video made by my Norwegian publisher (English subtitles):

Also, check out my Youtube channel, where I upload new videos every week: