My novels



The Tale of the Antlered God:

These books are set to an imaginative iron age where various nations occupy vast areas of land, mountain and ocean. I calculated that this world is actually some 30-50% larger than our world.

It consists of these books:

Seven Tales of the Western Forest – this one is actually not a part of the 6 novel series, but many readers view it as an intro to the ‘Antlered God-novels’ universe.
Tears of the Dragon – the first volume of the series.
Bran’s Journey – the second volume
He Who Seeks – the third volume
The Coming of Cernunnos – the fourth volume
Where Gods Die – the fifth volume
Tazka Kora – the sixth volume

The first four of these novels were published by Tiden Norsk Forlag, while the last two by Eide Forlag.

b_syvh_l  … sold out, all I’ve got is the original cover illustration!

The other six:


The Anubis Trilogy:

After The Tale of the Antlered God, I wrote first one trilogy, then another. The first one is a post-apocalyptic story from a very dark and hostile northern Europe, usually referred to as The Anubis Trilogy. It starts in Norway and ends in Russia. I did some extensive travelling before I could write these three novels:

Lushon’s Slates


These novels were all published by Cappelen Norsk Forlag.


After the Anubis Trilogy, I set forth to do something that no Norwegian had even done before: To write an epic fiction series based on Norse mythology. There are three novels so far:

The Jotun’s Return
Before the Nine Worlds End


The first three novels were published by Aschehoug Forlag.

Independent novels:

The Red Bull


Propecies – memories of John Thiersen




My 16th novel is a story about a man who, after surviving a pandemic disease, lives in solitude at a farm by a Norwegian fjord for 30 years. It is a story about loneliness and lost love, of friendship and of finding a place to call home.

Published by Nidhogg Forlag 2015.


Forside jomsviking bull-hansen.jpg

Jomsviking tells the story of Torstein Tormodson, who is enslaved as a boy, but who later becomes one of the notorious Jomsvikings. This is the first of a series of novels and is set to the years 993-1000 AD. As my other novels, still only available in Norwegian.

Published by Nidhogg Forlag 2017.

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