Celtic Knife Giveaway

This blog is reaching 100.000 hits! (Correction – we’re now getting close to 300.000.) To all of you who have liked, read and shared the blog posts: Thank you!!! Your messages and emails have become a source of motivation and inspiration and I think it’s time to give something back. Someone suggested a giveaway, and I think that’s a good idea!

To enter the giveaway, we must have some simple rules, but first, a few words about the prize. It’s a handmade knife from Arma Epona with a Celtic design that was quite common in Northern Europe about 1000 years ago. The knife is made to be used out in the field. It’s completely new and just lying at my desk waiting for the winner. If you want this knife, here are the rules:

1, Share one of my blog posts and/or Youtube videos in social media.

2, Subscribe to my Youtube channel.

3, Subscribe to my blog This must be email-subscription. You’ll find a link to this subscription option at the right or at the bottom of the blog page.

Once I reach 1000 Youtube subscribers, the winner will be randomly drawn among these. Please note that I have made a change here – I will draw a winner at 1000 Youtube subscribers, but I do not require 1000 blog subscribers as well — but the winner must be a subscriber of both. I will announce and contact the winner through my Youtube channel.

Here’s a video where you can see the knife and subscribe to the Youtube channel:

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