I’m Back

Dear friends, I own you all an apology. For the last 1-2 months, I have not been able to respond to your messages and I have not been as active on social media as I should have been. Also, I have not been able to produce any Youtube videos since Hugin and Munin.

But this is about to change. Now that I’ve survived another period of brutal work hours 7 days a week, headaches and general suffering due to my obsessive attention to details, while wondering why it always turns out like this, I will be focusing on blogging and making more Youtube videos. I will also be launching another blog, probably by the end of March. It will have both a Norwegian and an English section. I hope you will enjoy it as much as you’re enjoying this blog.

Here’s my social media plan:

  • Weekly Youtube videos. I love the woods, so we’ll go on new adventures and hopefully we’ll learn some more bushcrafting skills together as well. Spring is coming and it’s my favourite time of the year. Can’t wait to get out there again! Also, as soon as I get my little sailing yacht back on the water, we’ll go sailing.
  • Weekly blogposts on bull-hansen.com. I will be writing more about the Norse way of life and I how we can connect with nature and ourselves.
  • Launch the other website at the end of March.
  • Start weekly (?) live chat on Youtube. Let me know which day and time is best for you, and the time / your time zone.

Let me add that my Youtube videos and my blog will be interconnected. This means that some subjects will get both a Youtube video and a blogpost. And yes, I will be staying at several Viking festivals this year and I will be posting videos from those. I’m getting a big Saxon style tent, by the way, so it will be “glamping” Viking style.

So that’s my social media plan. I have been asked why I’m doing this. The answer is quite simply because I enjoy it. Obviously, it would be nice if my social media presence makes my novels more attractive to literary agents (and I will be contacting some in a couple of weeks), because I really, really want my novels to be published not only in Norwegian, but in other languages too. But the main reason why I keep writing blogposts and making Youtube videos is that I enjoy it. I truly view it as an artform and I didn’t think it would be. I am excited and eager to learn more.

Kind regards,

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen