It’s a bestseller!


I finally did it! After 16 novels and 21 years as a published author, I wrote a bestseller. And I have to be honest, it feels great. This means that I am financially able to keep writing the next novel (Jomsviking is the first in a series). But this is also a strengthening of my alliance with each and every reader. I am obligated – more so than ever – to keep writing and to keep listening to that inner voice that tells me everything can always be improved.

Jomsviking is currently at 3rd place on the largest Norwegian book store chain’s bestseller list and climbing towards the top on another too. My novel sold extremely well from the start, but after some very, very good book reviews everything just took off.

But I know that most of you who read my English blog posts can’t read Norwegian, so obviously you want to know when there will be translated editions available. Well, first of all I have to say that I would like to give you all the details, but these matters tend to be confidential to some extent. So let me just say that things are looking good and that I will keep you up to date on the development.

-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen