400.000 views – and some updates

This blog just reached 400.000 views!

These blogposts are just my thoughts and reflections, really. But I get the impression that many readers have felt and thought the same as I do. Maybe that isn’t so strange. After all, we’re all human.

So to each and every one who is reading my blog, thank you!

Some information and updates:

You may have noticed that I am not publishing new blogposts as often as I used to. The reason is simply that I am extremely busy writing my next novel. Also, I find that making Youtube videos for my channel The Viking Bushcrafter is more like a relaxing hobby — I like going into the forest and I like wild camping anyway, and making videos is something different and just a bit of fun. And of course, it’s not so easy for people to steal my stuff when it’s on video. (I’ve had some problems with copyright violations of this blog.) So I hope you’ll be watching my Youtube channel as well as reading this blog. Make sure to subscribe, by the way. That really helps the channel grow.

By the way, I know many of you are coming to Midgardsblot here in Norway in a few days. I will be talking about my novels on Thursday 17th August 12:15 in the auditorium and I will be signing Jomsviking in the Great Hall from 20:15. And of course, if you like music, there will be lots of bands there. I will also be having my tent in the Viking Camp, and visitors are very welcome! I think you might still be able to get tickets at the Midgardsblot website.

Again, thank you for visiting my blog.