The Viking Bushcrafter Youtube Channel

As many of you have noticed, I have a Youtube channel. I named it The Viking Bushcrafter, and it is a bushcraft/outdoors/Viking themed channel. I post a new video every weekend, normally on Fridays. Making Youtube videos is different from writing blogposts in many ways, but also similar: I provide you, the reader/viewer, with content that I enjoy producing and that I hope you’ll enjoy just as much as I do. However, some of you may not be on Youtube so often, and now Youtube is also changing their system to favour big, commercial channels, which makes things a bit more difficult for individual, unique video creators. I won’t go into detail on that (I still like the Youtube platform), but I believe it’s time to include The Viking Bushcrafter in this blog and I hope you’ll give him a warm welcome. And don’t worry, there are more blogposts coming up!