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I often tend to think about people as boats out on the sea. And I try to imagine how the waves that carry them through life look like. Some people drift across shallow waters. There are no real highs and no real lows. Others spend their life out in stormy waters.

Don’t Forgive – Don’t Be Hateful

In my part of the world, and especially in Scandinavia, we are constantly told that we should forgive. By forgiving those who did us wrong, we are supposed to become free and able to move on with our lives. Forgiveness has become such an ideal for us that we tend to view those who don’t forgive as hateful and mean individuals. But in reality, those who never feel an obligation to forgive might be the healthiest individuals around.

Did the Vikings Meditate?

The Norse civilization was much more spiritual than most seem to think. And while many still see the Norsemen as savage brutes, no longer is there any discussion among historians and archeologists about the fact that they were mindful about their connection to nature and the “spirit world”, which to them was basicly the same thing.

Sometimes you just have to say «Fuck it»

Have you ever felt like everything happens when you didn’t expect it? And that nothing happens when you are working really, really hard for it to happen? I have. At times, I feel like the most sensible thing I can do, is to step back, say «Fuck it» and vanish for a few days, weeks or even months. It is in my absence that good things happen to me. It sounds crazy, but the world is.