The Longbow Shop

I’ve been making wooden bows for many years, it’s such a fun and rewarding hobby. Lately people have started to ask me if I would consider selling. And since I already have more bows than I can comfortably fit in my house, I decided to start a longbow shop as part of this blog. Here, you can order some of the bows I have already made or I can build you one exactly the way you want it. Please note, I do not make straight fibre glass bows. I make wooden selfbows, mostly from Norwegian ash, maple and elm that I harvest in my local woods. Other sorts of wood can be sourced as well.

Prices: You will be able to get cheaper bows other places. This is why: I build bows from scratch, and I will even be able to tell you where the tree that gave me the bowstave grows and how old it is. (I never cut down whole trees to make bows.) I put a lot of work and attention into every single bow, and this makes it more expensive.

A longbow will cost around 200 USD. A flatbow (like the ones below) will cost around 250 USD. Sinew or rawhide backing, leather covered handle, horn tips etc adds to the price. Taxes and shipping from Norway comes on top of that.

These are the bows I have for sale now:

35 lbs Ash Flatbow with Sinew Backing, 171 cm/67,3 inches – 350 USD plus shipping and taxes:


Tested to 28 inches.

54 lbs Ash Flatbow with Rawhide Backing, 206 cm/81,1 inches – 460 USD plus shipping and taxes:


Tested to 28 inches.

59 lbs Ash Flatbow with Rahide Backing, 204,5 cm/80,5 inches – 230 USD plus shipping and taxes:


Tested to 28 inches. This bow is not entirely finished, and it will probably end up at 55 lbs. It has a flaw in the rawhide backing and therefore the price is reduced.

Please also note that all bows can break and most bows will break if drawn too far or if they are abused in any other way. I do not offer a money-back guarantee on my bows.

All my bows have a braided dacron string.

How to order: Simply send me an email: and we’ll take it from there!