Viking Bushcrafter Summer Camp 2020

Dear friends!

Finally I can announce the summer camp! It will be here in Norway, south of Oslo, on a privately owned field close to the woodland where I film most of my videos. It will start on Thursday 23rd July and it will last until Sunday 26th July. The field is situated in walking distance from the sea and you will have plenty of opportunities for both woodwalking and swimming in the sea.

Price: USD 120 per person. For children under 14, USD 80. Please send an email using the email address that you will find HERE (the protonmail one) to get the payment details. By paying, you are confirming that you are coming and I will send you the details concerning public transport from the Gardermoen Oslo Airport as soon as the bus company starts summer routes. Please note: You must write your name and, if you are paying for more than one person, the names of the others as well, in the message you can add to the donation. I also need an email address. I can not pay back if you can’t come as I have to pay for everything up front. I can not accept partial payments.

I recommend you buy groceries in Oslo, where you will be changing trains, or in Fredrikstad where you will get off the train and take the bus to a bus station near the field. The closest shop from the field is about 30 minutes walk away.

You must bring a tent, a hammock, a tarp or some kind of shelter. There are room for about 12 tents on the field and plenty of trees for hammocks. Do bring tick and mosquito repellent.


This is not a camp for those who want to come and party. You can drink alchohol if you like, but with moderation. We want a family friendly environment and we want the owners of the field to offer the opportunity of having a summer camp there next year as well.

We can have no open fires at that time of the year.

You need to bring everything, including cooking equipment etc, but the camp will provide water and, for those who travel by airplane, gas for cooking.

There can be no hunting, trapping, fishing etc.

I will try to get some craftsmen to come and stay with us, but I can not guarantee that at this point. I will be available for some bushcraft instruction for those who want that.

The camp will not be a place for discussion about my novels. We will all be there to relax and take a few days off from work and stress, and that goes for me as well.

No filming or photos are allowed except if you have asked each and every one that will be in the film or photo before you start filming. Please respect the privacy of everyone present at the camp. You can, obviously, film yourself, and there are plenty of opportunities for nature photography in the surrounding woodland.

All updates will be on this webpage, so do come back and see if there is anything new here.

Please also read this from the owners of the field:

Dale Store gård

A rescue farm animal sanctuary and environmentally green haven

Principles for use of our woods

When at Dale Store gård’s premises, whether in the yard, the fields or the woods, please respect the following basic principles:

Dale Store gård is an animal sanctuary, where animals are rescued from less than ideal circumstances. Our basic principle is that all lives matter and we abstain as far as practically possible from any exploitation of animals, in any manner. While we do not require visitors to adhere to the same principle in all facets of their lives, we only ask that you respect the spirit of the farm and its woods by adhering to the same principle as far as practically possible when you are here. This means:

There should be no hunting, killing, slaying, trapping, or similar activities related to animals, nor any promotion of animal products, such as full body grilling of animals on the farm.

Be kind and careful if you encounter wild animals in the woods. This is their home and they do not have anywhere else to go. If you encounter them, stand still, be quiet and remove yourself slowly in a different direction.

Leave animals on pastures in peace and do not enter the pastures or try to feed them over the fences.

Dale Store gård is an environmental green haven  where our aim is to leave nature better off after we leave than before we came. This is a natural consequence of seeing all lives as important – so is the web of life in nature and the habitats of its inhabitants. This means:

Take only with you memories and pictures and leave only footprints.

Whatever you bring in to the woods, please bring it with you back again. All trash, cans, bottles, plastic, paper, cans, bags, textiles and other manufactured items belong in trash cans outside the woods. Do not dispose of biological materials which decompose as it may introduce alien species or germs.

If you come across trash, plastic, etc. in nature, be so kind to take it with you even if you were not the one to throw it there.

When you feel the need for private business, keep in mind that human urine is excellent fertilizer if not heavily concentrated, so feel free to find a bush to hide behind, but avoid streams, pools or the like. Use the temporary toilet facilities for other business.

When you pack up and leave, please use all reasonable means to restore the grass and surroundings to the state it was when you came. This means removing all trash, covering marks of tents or equipment etc.

No cars should be parked in the woods or on the dirt road. Use a paved parking off the lot.

Respect the privacy of the neighbours in the area, especially when passing their houses. All travel and activities should be extra mindful of the neighbourhood peace between 23.00 and 07.00.

Municipality regulations

Remember that all open fire is prohibited between 15 April and 15 October. This includes open or disposable grills. Check for updates to local regulations at the time you are in the woods, the weather may require extra precautions. If no other regulations are made, use only closed off container grills with feet to keep it off the ground and put out any fire when done.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: