Starting a writer’s blog!

So I was thinking … After 15 novels published in my native Norway, 6 in German and my first English translation underway, isn’t it time to start a blog? So here it is.

Starting out with just these few words and the picture that inspired a scene from my upcoming novel:

Isak forside 3

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  1. Mr. Bull-Hansen,

    I just thought to drop you a line and let you know that your insights are powerful for me, and have been bouncing around your blog and associate materials for the past couple of weeks. It’s fascinating stuff.

    As an aspiring blogger myself, it occurred to me to start at the beginning of yours and march my way through the almost four years of your postings, in order to get a feel for how things have progressed for you in your many interests and how you’ve expressed them.

    The farthest back my family knowledge goes is to the Scottish Craig bloodline, but I suspect it extends farther into Viking heritage, and will be pursuing a hunt for that information on myself.

    Strong Regards,

    Craig Beasley
    Texas and Colorado, USA, Planet Earth 🙂
    Blog: Outbound.us


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