My Viking Family – continued

My Viking Family – first part

Some of us are in fact family — some of our kids are members too. But here I’m speaking about that feeling of fellowship that unites us as Viking reenactors, craftsmen and -women and friends. We care about each other. We enjoy each other’s company. We share our plans and dreams for the future. We want to build a longship, a longhouse and … Well, if we can get the funding, a whole Viking village right here in our local area.

My Viking family is now growing, since new members are joining us. But still we remain family. We are inclusive and everyone who can offer a smile and a helping hand is welcome. Some of us have been studying the Viking Age for many, many years, but there is always something to learn from both old and new family members. And this was our vision right from the start. We want to be inclusive. We want to be somewhere you can find friendship and support. And we’re here every day, all year round. The summer festivals are fun, but the fellowship is much more important. And I would like to believe that this is as historically correct as you can get it. I believe that our ancestors, those who walked the paths we are now walking, felt the same about their extended family.

If you have such an extended family, count yourself lucky. If you don’t, find someone who share your passion and join them. They don’t have to be Vikings, of course. Reach out to them. Tell them you value their company. Tell them you’re there for them, and they will be there for you.


-Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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