My Viking Family

The Scandinavian summer is the time of the Viking festivals. During a few, hectic months, Viking reenactors and craftsmen come together at various places to trade, exchange stories and sit around the campfire. And it’s not only for Viking reenactors. These markets and festivals are open to everyone and the whole thing is becoming a main Scandinavian tourist attraction. Not only Scandinavian, I should add. There are Viking festivals in lots of countries now, and of course, some have been doing this for a long time, like our friends in York.

I was recently honoured by being appointed the position of chieftain in my local Viking reenactment and crafts group, Vikings of Odin’s Island. We started this group just before summer, so we haven’t had time to get anything together for the festival season. But what we have done, is far more important, and I think I speak for everyone here: We have become family.

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