The Gods in Our Genes

One of the most interesting theories about the origin of Norse mythology is that Odin was a chieftain who led his people into what is now Norway. In the sagas, Snorre writes that Odin and his people lived near the river Don in Russia. Thor Heyerdahl tried to see if there was any truth to this and up until his death in 2002 supervised an archaeological excavation near Azov. I am not sure if they ever found any answers, but what we do know, is that kings and heroes have a tendency to be viewed as gods if only enough time has passed and their flaws have been forgotten.

So we can actually say that we carry our ancestors’ gods in our genes. If somewhere back in your lineage, there is a warrior or king who was made into a god, that god is part of your genetical code. It find that extremely fascinating! But even more fascinating is seeing how your own genes shape the next generation. I have two children, a son and a daughter, and I think it’s fairly easy to see both my own and their mother’s genes shaping them as individuals. Of course, it is not all about genes. My kids live in a home filled with books, so it’s no wonder they have a large vocabulary. We encourage their artistic skills, so it’s not so strange they are both creative. But the genes play a large part of who they are, there is no doubt about that. Personally, I come from a long line of creative artists on my father’s side.

If you are a parent, I am sure you have seen this in your children. I am sure you see it every day. It’s magical, isn’t it? Of course, we all have negative parts of our personality that we don’t want our children to inherit, but encouraging the positive isn’t that hard and children will do more of what is praised and less of what isn’t.

But I’m not going to preach about good parenting. Before I started writing about Odin and his possible origin in Russia, I was actually just going to brag about my daughter. She’s 11 years old and have started posting some of her drawings, and I think they are fantastic. Here’s a link to Take a look and if you like her drawings, please consider cliking “like” or subscribing!

– Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

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