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Men’s Mental Health #showusyoursteak

Men have always been the disposable ones. We were the hunters and the warriors. We lived short lives. And perhaps we were never well suited for the modern, so-called civilized life. Depression, substance abuse, destructiveness, a lack of meaning in life; men are often the ones who suffer for years without reaching out for help. And when they do, they are often told to “man up”, and given the impression that speaking about ones mental issues is reserved for women only.

I have known some men who commited suicide. Some were good men. Some were not. But they were all missed by someone and they probably still are. They chose what they saw as the only way out of their misery and left their loved ones to deal with the pain.

The bushcraft community on Youtube have recently started talking about this and under the tag #showmeyoursteak several youtubers have invited others to talk about men’s mental health. As a former therapist, I am going to upload a few videos about this in the coming weeks. Here are the first two: