Nyutgivelse av Tyr-trilogien! (Tyr Trilogy back in print!)

At the moment I am writing the 4th Jomsviking novel. And I know many of you are waiting for that book. But many of you, at least in Norway, have been asking for my Tyr novels. The first novel in the trilogy about the Norse god of war was published back in 2010 and it’s been sold out for a few years now. But now it has been revived and it is back in Norwegian book stores.

Jotnens hjemkomst – bestill her

Før de ni verdener styrter – bestill her

Ragnarok – bestill her

I know many of you are wondering when my novels will be published in English. So far, I do not have a book deal with an English language publisher. But you can help by signing the petition that one of my Youtube subscribers started. You will find it HERE.