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Så er dagen her. Min nye roman, Jomsviking, er ute i butikkene. Dette er en historisk roman fra vikingtiden. Boken er resultatet av to års intenst arbeid og et helt liv med den ene foten i vikingtiden og den andre foten i den moderne verden.
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I often tend to think about people as boats out on the sea. And I try to imagine how the waves that carry them through life look like. Some people drift across shallow waters. There are no real highs and no real lows. Others spend their life out in stormy waters.

I’m a writer. This is why I need solitude.

I always wanted to be a writer. I don’t think I ever doubted or questioned that I would make a living writing books. Looking back, it doesn’t even feel like a choice — it was just the path I knew I had to walk. I was a loner as a child and I started writing my first book at already as a teenager. While other kids were desperate for acceptance and just wanted to be part of a group, I was sitting in my sound-insulated loft, writing. I didn’t even tell anyone what I was doing during the first 6 years of my creative writing career. Needless to say, I didn’t have many friends. In fact, none. And I was quite happy with that.